NITRO FREEDOM SELECT is our 6th Generation Broadband Platform designed to deliver reliable High-Speed Internet Service to Homes and Businesses by using a combination of high capacity microwave and fiber-optic links. The platform is designed with best of breed manufacturers to deliver high bandwidth with low latency

The mass-market retail service is delivered using Fixed-Wireless technology. An antenna is placed on the home or business and service is delivered by an antenna on a tower or small cell in your area.

A variety of packages are available to cater to your every need. NITRO FREEDOM SELECT delivers blazing fast connection speeds allowing users to download Music, Movies, Online Gaming, Social Networking, VoIP, and more.

THE NITRO FREEDOM SELECT DIFFERENCE Don’t be fooled by some competitive offers. There is a difference between other providers “advertised” and “actual” speeds. NITRO Broadband was designed around SPEED, RELIABILITY and FLEXIBILITY.


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High Speed Internet Access is delivered by placing an antenna on the home or business. The antenna is aimed towards an Access Point located on a tower, telephone pole or structure. The towers are linked together using High-Capacity Microwave and Fiber Optics until the traffic reaches the Internet Backbone. Signal is brought from the antenna into a router where multiple computers or devices have access to the service. Our advanced network of towers is designed to deliver Broadband Service to Rural Areas.

How NITRO Broadband Compares

Several factors should be considered when comparing broadband technologies. It's not all about bandwidth. There are other considerations including latency, packet loss, and jitter that should be calculated to determine the actual "speed" of a connection. Over-subscription and Uptime guarantee are also factors for determining a reliable connection.

Broadband refers to High-Speed Internet Access and Advanced Telecommunications Services In New York State. Broadband is primarily delivered over wireline facilities using Cable (DOCIS) and Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH). Telephone Companies traditionally provide Internet Access using DSL. This technology can be effective if the home or business is in close proximity to the Central Office and has good copper lines. Many rural areas are serviced by old telephone lines and are not capable of providing broadband speeds. Wireline facilities are expensive and can cost between $25,000-$40,000 per linear mile.

Mobile Wireless networks are typically designed to accommodate mobile users and lack capacity. These mobile networks provide small data caps requiring users to offload the traffic to Fixed Broadband networks.

With NITRO 2.0 Broadband uses a combination Fiber Optic and High-Capacity Microwave to provide access to communities. Our Fixed-Wireless Technology allows us to beam over the wires providing a cost-effective solution to provide access to High-Cost / Low-Density areas.

Providing high speed business and residential broadband service to rural and underserved communities.

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