How we use Hudson Valley Wireless Network Information

We use Network Information to monitor and enhance the performance of the HVW Network. HVW will not monitor the content of the websites viewed or email communications as part of HVW’s standard network management unless there is a complaint or an issue regarding the Services. Generally, HVW will monitor and preserve the following HVW Network Information:

• When Subscriber is using the Services;
• How Subscriber is using the Services, such as monitoring traffic patterns regarding websites visited, amount of data being sent or received, or other activity;
• The amount of data Subscriber is transmitting and receiving through the Services; and
• General information regarding the performance of our equipment installed on Subscriber’s property or at Subscriber’s premises, and its interaction with the rest of the HVW Network.

However, HVW reserves the right to, and may, monitor, access, review and preserve any HVW Network Information and/or content in the following situations

• In response to an inquiry from Subscriber or another Subscriber’s account regarding Subscriber or their use of the Services or problems Subscriber or they are experiencing using the Services;
• If HVW has reason to believe Subscriber is using the Services in violation of Subscriber’s Service Agreement or any applicable statutes, rules, ordinances or regulations;
• If HVW has reason to believe Subscriber use of the Service is negatively affecting other Subscribers; or
• When HVW is required by law or legal process to do so, or when HVW has a good faith belief that HVW is required by law or legal process to do so.

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