Disaster Recovery

Network Redundancy

Hudson Valley Wireless has built a network from the ground up with the goal of offering truly redundant pathways for the Internet and data. Our network design renders the most common types of outages obsolete.

Downed power lines, cut cables, network outages, and even slowdowns from over-subscription when too many people in the neighborhood are online.
Let us design a network to keep your business running.

Most internet providers transmit their signal through the same physical pathways that cable and power lines follow on telephone poles.  Don't let your business suffer an outage due to problems with the telephone poles ever again thanks to HVW's independent, unique, and redundant data paths. If somebody knocks out a the utility pole by your business don't worry, it doesn't affect our service one bit.

Our High-Speed Internet and Transport service can run independently of the CLEC’s, Telephone, and Cable companies that share the same poles and utility holes.

Let us design a custom-tailored solution with Last Mile Diversity, Carrier Diversity, and Regional Diversity to safeguard against  outages.